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2018 Annual Snow Trip

2018 Snow Trip Report

Trip Leader : Walter

Attendees : Alex, Ken & Deb, Greg, Luke & Rene, Frank B, Peter, Thomas

Saturday morning with permits in hand, gathers outside the Jamieson pub. Around 10am the convey heads off towards Mt Skene. Snow was observed at around the 900m level. Once the convoy made it to the Mt Skene lookout which is a couple of km from the summit,  progress was halted due to another group who were bogged in the snow ahead of us. At this point Tom's Jackaroo became stuck and had to be pulled backward. We stopped at the lookout for morning tea before heading back down the mountain.

We detoured from the main road and made our way down several tracks before arriving back at Jamieson for a late lunch.

We then headed to Woods Point where on the return trip, it began to snow and we had to drive on virgin snow. Ariving back at Jamieson, we all gathered at the local PUB for a well earned meal.

On Sunday we gathered again for a drive to Mt Terrible, which was a fun drive with a few challenging wet and slippery sections.The drive finished when we reached the Jamieson-Eildon rd, where we aired up and headed home.

A great time was had by all.

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