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Walhalla 2018

Walhalla Trip Report

Trip Leader : Alex

Attendees : Peter, Jimmy, Tony, Frank B

The weekend began Friday at Midday where Alex, Peter and Jimmy met at Walhalla and proceeded to discover few local tracks. We headed out to Brunton's Bridge before we had a play at the Coopers Creek river crossing.

Tony and Frank met us at the Walhalla pub for dinner where Great schnitzels were had, and the weekend was quickly turning into a foodies weekend. We then set up camp at the Walhalla campground.

The following morning we hit the tracks and toured around visiting some of the local historic sites.

We visited Thomson's Water Wheel,  where old mining towns such as Tullamore existed. Aberfeldy mine and cemetery before setting up camp at Comet Flat near Woods Point.

That night a fierce stormed blew through, but as we were in the valley, we survived the brunt unscathed... except Alex who lost a thong in the creek during a night swim (The shoe kind not the other sort). Amazingly we recovered the thong in a snag the following morning.

The group packed up camp Sunday morning and headed back through Marysville having lunch at the bakery. Peter took us to a nice scenic outlook where the river flowed quite nicely and some good walking trails just behind Marysville.

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