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Daylesford Social Weekend

Daylesford Social Trip Report

Trip Leader : Peter & Jolene

Attendees : Jimmy & Flora, Lance & Deb, Frank & Etty, Joe & Enza, Alex & Rose

The weekend began on the Friday night where we all gathered that night at the Caravan Park for a Social BBQ.

Saturday morning the Ladies of the group went into daylesford for some spa treatment and local shopping. while the Men headed  towards Wombat State Forest for some 4wding. Many of the tracks were not clearly marked or not accurately portrayed by the GPS. This resulted in us heading down some very old unused and narrow tracks. It did however result in a couple of challenging sections where the tracks were washed out and rutted.

At the end of the day we all headed back to Daylesford where we met up with the ladies and had a superb dinner at the Daylesford Royal Hotel, then continuing the party back at the caravan park.

Sunday we all visited the local market before heading home.

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