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Otways 2019

The Otways Trip Report

Trip Leader : Luke

Attendees : Ken & Deb, Jimmy & Flora, Peter

The weekend began at Ocean Grove with Luke and Peter meeting up on Friday, and were joined by Kan, Deb, Jim on the Saturday at Anglesea for the Otway drive.
The 4wding started at Anglesea past Alcoa and ran parallel to the Great Ocean Road. IT mainly an easy drive with a few rutted sections. One track proved to be a little challenging with one deceiving bog hole which caught us out. The track then became a little tight and scratchy, but opened up to a wonderful view of the beach and ocean from the surrounding hills. Lunch was had and the group continued down onto the Great Ocean Rd heading for Erskine Falls.

We continued back along the Great Ocean Rd to Ocean Grove, where we headed to the Pub for dinner and was joined by Flora.
On Sunday the weekend finished with some photography and fossicking and on the beach with detectors. Deb found a couple of interesting pieces being two coins dated 1916 and 1919
Luke is considering another trip up that way following the success and enjoyment had on this one.

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