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2019 Snow Trip

2019 Snow Trip Report

Trip Leader : Walter

Attendees : Alex, Jimmy, ?????

This trip was also the official revealing of Alex's new Truck Nugget (Pictured Above).

The official trip began the Saturday morning, but some club members did arrive the Friday, and do a quick run on some of the local tracks around Jamieson. Some of the members ran into the 4WD Action TV team filming at the pub after there trip to Mt Skene earlier that day.

The climb up to Mt Skene was plagues with many issues all of which prevented the convey making it to the top.

  • Too much snow.

  • Too many cars ahead of the convey (Bogged) holding everyone up.

  • Other club convoys who were aggressively overtaking other conveys forcing them wait.

  • 4 wheel drivers who were unprepared and did not hold valid permits to be on the mountain.

At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed a meal at the Jamieson Pub.

Apart from those issues everybody got to enjoy the snow and every ones company for the day.

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