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2020 Avoca Australia Day Social Weekend

Avoca Australia Day Trip Report

Trip Leader : Peter , Tony

Attendees : Peter & Jolene, Tony & Vicki, Jimmy & Flora, Ken & Deb, Alex & Rose

The Weekend kicked off with a social BBQ on the Friday night at the Avoca caravan Park.

On Saturday morning the Ladies went off Op-Shopping and visited some of the local wineries, while the men headed for the tracks in the Pyrenees State Forest, led by Tony.

Many of the tracks were rutted, but that only made it all the more challenging and fun to drive.

We ended up at the Governor Rock lookout where we were unexpectedly joined by ladies on the way back from the wineries.

We took the opportunity to take some group photos and then headed back to Avoca and the local PUB for a counter meal.

Around the campfire that night we took the opportunity to get out the telescope and do a bit of star gazing.

Sunday we were joined by Alex and Rose, were we all went to the local market before heading our separate way again, with the men heading off to explore the old mining sites of the area and do some prospecting.

Sunday was a leisurely drive home visiting some of the historic mining towns.

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