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Lerderderg Social Day Feb 2020

Lerderderg Social Day Trip Report

Trip Leader : Peter

Attendees : Peter & Jolene, Ken & Deb, Alex & Rose

New Members : Jake & Shae Randall, Dylan Thorn

The day kicked off at 11:00 am with a social BBQ at the Merrimu Memorial Park near Lerderderg State Park.

After lunch at around 2 pm we all aired down and Headed to Lerderderg to tackle a couple of tracks.

Myself (Peter) & Alex rode in Nugget (Yellow Nissan Patrol). Alex had decided to bring his Camper trailer to see how Nugget managed with it on the tracks. We were followed by Dylan in his Navara , Jake in his Ranger and Ken & Deb in their 100 Series cruiser.

The First track was Holts Track which heads down into a valley before turning back uphill onto Nuggety track. At this point I changed chars to ride the Hill with Dylan where I would than proceed to film the other cars make the climb. Whe the Last car Alex was to come up I was meant to rejoin him and continue the trip. However Alex forgot and continued on leaving me behind.

At this point I was wondering how long before they realise they had left me behind. I started walking uphill to catch the convoy. After about 10-15 minutes I walked up to the convoy where they were just realising they needed to send someone back to get me.... Lesson, always take a radio to keep in contact with the forgetful...

We then continued up Nuggety track to a steep hill climb where there are a couple of deep holes in the track. Ken & Deb ascended first climbing the hill using lockers. Dylan followed but needed to be winched as the Hole and was too deep for the smaller tyres and no lockers. Jake foll0wed and successfully climbed the hill with the bigger tires and lockers.

Alex followed, but unfortunately ran out of steam due to the heavy trailer he was towing. By this time it was well after 4pm and it was decided to turn around and head back the way we come. Strangely, Alex was having a one way radio conversation, only realising his radio was switched off after 20 minutes. we eventually mad it back to the Merrimu Memorial Park after 5pm where we enjoyed a good laugh over some afternoon tea, after which we ended the day.

Even though Nugget was beaten by Nuggety Track, we all vowed to come back and give it another go.

A fun day was had by all.

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