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2020 Avoca Australia Day Social Weekend
Wombat State Forest

Wombat State Park Day Trip Report

Trip Leader : Bruno

Attendees : Bruno & Emily, Ken & Deb, Greg, Peter

New Members :

The Day started at 10:00 am Leaving Bachus Marsh fo r Lerderderg State Park.

First we tackled Holts track and then Nuggety track. The same tracks we tackled on our previous months BBQ Social day.

The large pot hole at the top of the track didn't trouble the larger Toyotas with their bigger tires and lockers, however the the smaller isuzu Mux just couldn't get its wheel on to the top of the ledge without loosing traction. This resulted in it having to being winched over the pot hole.

We then continued to Firth Park in Wombat SF for lunch.

After lunch we continued down XL track then across to Blackwood where we tacked the muddy New Sultan Mine track.  Last we did the steep rocky hill climb of Ottie track before heading to the Blackwood Pub where we aired up, some stayed for drinks before calling it a day.

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