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About the Adventurer 4x4 Club



Welcome to the The Adventurer 4x4 Club. We are a down to earth, adventurous club that caters for families, couples and single members, who have a likewise passion for four wheel driving and camping in the great outdoors.

All our club members promote a safe and responsible four wheel driving culture.

So if you have a sense of adventure and a willingness to participate, then come along and join the fun.

​Club History

It all began in 1990 when friends from the Pacific Dunlop Tyre Factory in Campbellfield, took a trip to Eildon, where they were treated to a 4WD hill climb. Those 6 friends then all went and each bought a 4WD, and the Adventurer 4x4 Club was born. The formation of the club saw many new employees from Dunlop join the club. The factory long has since closed, but the club has thrived until the present day. Since then, members of the club have traveled far and wide across this great country of ours. And as a testament to the longevity of the club, we still have some of the original founding members (30 years on) within the club today.

What our Club gets up to
Our club enjoys all aspects of 4 Wheel Driving. We regularly conduct day trips, weekend camping trips and the occasional longer touring trips further afield...
We also organize social outings to restaurants and BBQs, so the men and ladies can enjoy everyone's company in a relaxing social atmosphere.
Although our main focus is the 4WDing, our club also enjoys partaking in photography, prospecting and even astronomical star gazing during some of our trips.

A message from 0ur Founders
Ken and Deb Shewan
"In the time we have been with the club, we have made many friends, and had some wonderful times on what would be now 100 plus 4WD trips. We have learnt so much over the years, and with every new new member that joins our club, brings new knowledge and ideas, which is shared and benefited by all.
With all the new technology and changes there is always something new to be shared and learned...even for the most experienced 4 wheel drivers.
So if you are interested in 4 wheel driving, then give our club a go and come along and join the fun."

2019 - 2020 Club Committee

President          : Alex Iudicone

Vice President : Peter Zuidema

Secretary          : Frank Bonnici

Treasurer          : Luke Ford

If this sound like your kind of club, contact us via the link below for more information

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